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Would you like to try something different?

Let the chef take over your kitchen for one night while you enjoy the company of your guests. 

Hiring an Italian private chef is simple!

How does it work?

Select your favourites dishes from the list below

& make your own menu.

If there is an Italian dish in particular that you would like to try and is not listed here, please contact me and I will be happy to add it to your menu.




Cocktail di gamberi (shrimps in brandy pink sauce served in  a bed of lettuce) 


Duo of Bruschette (roasted bread slide with: 

fresh tomato, basil leaves and a touch of garlic;

mushrooms trifolati with white wine and parsley) 


Salumi misti e mozzarelline (Italian prosciutto and salame with cherry mozzarelle cheese)



Salad of the day

Zucchini or Cauliflower gratin 

(with white sauce and Parmesan)

Carrot saute

Grilled Veggies

Roasted potatoes 

Primi Piatti

Homemade fresh pasta

Ravioli filled your choice:

* Spinach and ricotta V. (tomato sauce, beef bolognese or butter, parmesan and sage)

* Blue cheese and pears V. (butter, Parmesan and walnuts sauce)

* Monkfish and prawns (fresh tomato, garlic and prawns sauce)

* Pansotti, silverbeet, spinach and ricotta. ( walnut sauce)


* Mushroom and creamy sauce V.

* Slow cooked beef bolognese sauce 

* Seafood (tomato base)

Lasagna and Cannelloni (GF available)

* Homemade beef bolognese lasagna

* Pesto sauce, potatoes and green-beans lasagna V.

- Ricotta and spinach cannelloni V.

Risotto GF.

* Saffron and parmesan with garlic prawns

* White bottom mushrooms with broccoli and baby spinach  V.

Gnocchi (vegan and GF options available)

* Pesto sauce with potatoes and green-beans V.

* Beef bolognese sauce 

* Sorrentina (tomato and mozzarella cheese) V.

- Four cheese sauce V.

Secondi Piatti

Filetto di pesce al forno (Fish filled backed with cherry tomatoes and olives)

Scaloppine your choice:

* white wine

* creamy mushrooms

* ham and cheese

* pizzaiola style (tomato base, oregano, black olives)

Parmiggiana di Melanzane (eggsplants parmigiana) V


Homemade desserts


Vanilla pannacotta with red berries

Birthday cake*

* Birthday cake available with an additional fee

Select your menu

*4 dishes: 2 antipasto + 1 primi piatti OR 1 secondi piatti and 1 contorni + 1 dessert comes to $65 per person. Min 3 people;

*4 dishes: 1 antipasto + 1 primi piatti + 1 secondi piatti and 1 contorni + 1 dessert comes to $75 per person. Min 3 people;

*5 dishes: 2 antipasto + 1 primi piatti + 1 secondi piatti and 1 contorni + 1 dessert comes to 85 per person. Min 2 people;

Add a flute of Sorbetto (prosecco & lemon ice-cream drink) for $7 per person.

 $100 fee for your Private Chef at home must to be added to the final cost of the menu.


Event Menu

Catering for small events. Both private or for business. 

Pizza slides df. v. vegan (gf available)

Mix of Bruschette

A selected choose of cheeses and jams v. gf

Tarakihi polpettine v. gf

Spinach croquet with halloumi (v and gf available)

Shrimps cocktail in spoon monoportion df. gf

Spinach and feta filo

Mini burgers with meatball (v, vegan. df available)

Mini burgers with halloumi

Prosciutto/salame and brie slides  

Sausage or Vegetarian rolls


Prawns in filo pastry

Fruits skewers v. vegan. gf. df

Fruit tart monoportion

Tiramisu' v 

.....and much more.....

Ask for a quote 

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